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Full Moon Farms

Here at Full Moon Farms, our family is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy only the finest craft cannabis produced right here in legendary Humboldt County. We farm with an unparalleled environmental ethos that works with mother nature to bring out the absolute best in our sun grown flowers.


Huckleberry Hill Farms

One of the most special parts about the cultivars they grow is that they like to honor those special people who came before them, like Johnny’s mother, Merlene, by growing, breeding, and protecting her cultivars from 45 years ago. Each of their cannabis varieties reflects Marlene’s original cultivar.


Cali Kosher

Our core values are a commitment to excellence, a pursuit of innovation to provide our customers with the best product possible, and a strict adherence to best practices in every step of our process from cultivation to manufacturing, and beyond.

Delights-Solo (1)

Delights Turkish Delight-style edibles infused with rosin extracted by hand from whole, single-strain cannabis flower. Our core Delights feature locally sourced ingredients we can offer year-round without relying on a seasonal yield to address a range of preferences: sativa, hybrid, indica, and native cbd rich strains.


The Hidden Cure believes in supporting local businesses, small businesses, and legacy operators when choosing the brands we carry. As large business takes over our industry, we have seen many legacy companies struggle to survive, and have seen the diversity of gender, race, and socioeconomic leadership drastically decrease. As buyers of products, we have the ability to vote with our dollar to preserve our industry and support small, diverse businesses that give back to advocacy, care about environmental sustainability and cultivate the best products.

Cannabis Tracker

Cannabis Tracker

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